Thinking about launching a business, book, or blog? Maybe you’re nervous about applying for that promotion, but the thought of being overlooked (again) makes you sick to your stomach. Wanna change careers altogether? Go back to school? Maybe you’re struggling to being honest with yourself about the fact that you really want a family. Or that you really want to be a musician? In other words, there’s something calling out from the inside of you making you feel as though something’s missing. Or worse yet, that you’re missing out on something. That’s your passion and purpose working to reveal itself. It’s why you can’t shake it, and in the very least, it’s worth exploring don’t you think?

Wanda Alexis Alexander is a successful entrepreneur and empowering speaker, committed to inspiring the next generation of leaders to walk In Power, with Passion and on Purpose. Whereas traditional mentoring or coaching usually demonstrates how to do what’s been done, or get what others have, Wanda focuses on helping you dig to find who you really are according to your individual purpose and gifts.In other words, who you were before ‘life happened’ or you ‘got comfortable. As a Lifestyle and Leadership Development Influencer™, she teaches entrepreneurs, business leaders and other purpose-driven visionaries to release fear, dig deep, do the work and embrace the power build the life you truly want, from the inside, out.


From seminars and conferences to intimate one-on-ones, Wanda delivers practical insight that inspires the confidence to dig deep, build from the inside out and find ways to pursue your passion through principled leadership.

Speaking Topics

Leading discussions on servant leadership, integrity, love in action and self-care and letting go (just to name a few), Wanda helps audiences understand that profit follows passion, not the other way around.


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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Wanda Alexis Alexander’s mission is to provide practical guidance for entrepreneurs, business leaders and purpose-driven visionaries to create the lives they really want. She is committed to teaching leadership development through honesty, integrity, professionalism and hard work, while inspiring others to tap into the power that allows them to shape their lives, both professionally and personally, from the inside out. Her methods bring understanding to the fact that the merger of passion and profession, result in living on purpose, impacting people and achieving both business and personal success. Her goal is to influence others to clarify vision, reject fear and pursue their true passion, with power and on purpose.

Wanda also develops custom retreats, workshops and empowerment sessions based on individual, group, corporate and/or organizational needs. Click here to book a one-on-one session, or request Wanda for your next event, conference or staff retreat.